Traditional Listing Vs.

Selling Your Home To Us

If you currently own a home, then chances are you purchased that property via a traditional real estate listing. This would have included a real estate agent representing your side, and another agent representing the seller. You most likely went to several open houses and/or showings before deciding to purchase. 

Once you decided on this home, the negotiations and title work would then begin. This involves making written offers to the seller’s agent who can then accept or counter. 

During the negotiations, you may have requested that certain accomodations be made regarding the condition of the hosue. Maybe the roof needs a few repairs, or the carpets need cleaning or replacing. The list of repairs and requests depends on your needs, but regardless the seller is in a position to make these concessions to facilitate the closing and keep you happy.

John M
Glen Burnie, MD

“Peninsula and Theo are professional, efficient and thorough. They do what they agree to, in a timely manner. This is important praise in a field that can seem shady and underhanded to the uninitiated. They stick to the agreement, honor the requests of them, and gsd. If ever in the situation again, I would use them again.”

Bernie J
Pasadena, MD

“Very good service, made selling so easy. I didn’t know how easy selling could till Peninsula Home Buyers made a cash offer and handled everything. Would definitely recommend this service.”

John H
Baltimore, MD

“Purchased a house with Theo everything went without a hitch and we closed very quickly.”

Why Sell To An Investor?

More often than not, the buying process takes several weeks or even months 

Once a contract is in place, the title work starts and you have to once again be patient while the title company and seller gather all of the necessary documents to transfer the deed and title. Then at closing, there are often 9-10% in commissions and closing costs that need to be dispersed to various parties. Not to mention the cost of the inspection and repairs the buyer requests.

When selling to Peninsula Home Buyers, you eliminate all of the traditional hassles and can enjoy the simplest real estate transaction possible.

No Repairs

We buy your property exactly as it stands, we will never ask that you make a repair.

Immediate Funding

You get a check or wire for whatever equity you have in the property on the day of closing.

Fast Closing

No need to wait on agents and lenders to get to closing. Close in 21 - 60 days on a date of your choosing.

No Commissions or Fees

With no agents involved there are no commissions, and we cover your side of closing costs.

What We Offer

So what are you supposed to do if this traditional method of selling a home is not a good fit? Even in a seller’s market, you still take a risk once you list a property in that you never know what you might get for it or if anyone will want to buy. Then once you find a buyer, the closing process is only begun and you are now at the mercy of the agents and title company to get the transaction moved along in a reasonably quick fashion.

This is where we are able to help the most. When we purchase a property, there are no agents involved. That means no commissions and no need to wait on their timelines. Second, we use our own capital to fund the transaction so funds are distributed immediately at closing.