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Sell Your Home Fast

Are you ready to move and need to sell your house fast? We are Maryland’s fastest home buyer, and we can give you cash for your home within DAYS, not weeks or months.

If you live in Maryland and you need to move quickly, you are probably wondering how long it will take to sell your home.

Everyone knows that using the traditional method of hiring a realtor, having open houses, and closing escrow can take months, or even up to a year.

When you don’t have time to wait, a traditional listing is probably not going to suit your needs.

"Purchased a house with Theo everything went without a hitch and we closed very quickly."


John H, Glen Burnie
We Can Help Any Situation

Types of Homes we Purchase

If you need to sell your home in Maryland fast, we are here to help. We can simplify the process by purchasing your house as-is, in any condition, for cash.

When we say fast, we mean typically around 30 days as that is the most convenient timeframe for a majority of our clients. In many instances, we can purchase your home and put the cash in your hands within 10 days. We will gather some information about your home in Maryland, do a brief walkthrough, and many times give you an offer right on the spot.






Expensive Repairs

Tax Lien


Behind on Payments

Avoid Fees

No Out of Pocket Costs

We buy homes for cash fast, in any condition. This means you can avoid closing costs, realtor commissions, repairs, even moving fees!

Of course, if you wish to move your furniture and other personal items out of your home, that’s fine, but what if you don’t? If you’ve inherited a house filled with items you don’t want or even if you are simply looking to make a fresh start, leave items you don’t want behind, we will take care of them. This means you don’t pay for moving costs, dump fees, or even gas to haul your items to a secondhand store.