Benefits Of

Selling Your Home As Is

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about selling your home, but the thought of fixing those minor repairs you’ve been putting off, packing up, hiring a moving company, seems like so much work!

You don’t have to do any of the above if you sell your Maryland home to us as-is.

That’s right! You can sell us your house exactly as it is today, no cleanup, no repairs, you don’t even have to take everything with you if you don’t want to!

John M
Glen Burnie, MD

“Peninsula and Theo are professional, efficient and thorough. They do what they agree to, in a timely manner. This is important praise in a field that can seem shady and underhanded to the uninitiated. They stick to the agreement, honor the requests of them, and gsd. If ever in the situation again, I would use them again.”

Bernie J
Pasadena, MD

“Very good service, made selling so easy. I didn’t know how easy selling could till Peninsula Home Buyers made a cash offer and handled everything. Would definitely recommend this service.”

John H
Baltimore, MD

“Purchased a house with Theo everything went without a hitch and we closed very quickly.”

Benefits Of


We specialize in making the house selling process quick and easy. If you think that selling your current home is a problem, we have the answer. You can get cash for your home and move forward with your life. We are 100% committed to giving you the best price for your home for the least amount of effort on your end.

Think that no one would be interested in your home? Think again! We want to offer you cash for your house even if:

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling the professionals at Maryland’s top cash house buyer! We want to buy your home today!


What sets our purchasing process apart is just about everything that causes a traditional sale to be tedious and cumbersome.

No Repairs

When we say "as-is" we mean it. We will never ask you to repair or replace anything before or after closing.

No Escrow Fees

We cover all closing costs including yours. And you do not need to tie up any of your own capital in escrow

Moving Assistance

We will pay for your move and you can leave on your own schedule. No need to wait for closing.

No Clean Out Needed

Leave everything behind if you wish! You will not be charged with any moving or cleaning costs.

No Commission

Since there are not any real estate agents involved, our cash offer does not come with any strings or fees attached. The full sum goes to you.

No Inspections

No time consuming inspections that require your presence and usually come with a charge. We assume all risk.

No Open Houses

Let's be honest, no one likes to open their home to the public with all of their belongings inside. You get to skip this step completely

Close Quickly

Once an agreement is reached, you can schedule closing in as little as a few weeks. No need to wait several months to finalize

For Sale by Owner

Same as Selling As Is?

It is in some cases, but it is exceedingly difficult to do.

Most people looking for a home don’t want your household items left behind. Many buyers are also not interested in spending more money on repairs right away. Homebuyers are looking for a place that is ready for them to move into; not something to clean and repair.

You might find a buyer who is interested in a rental unit, but these buyers are looking for a bargain and you might find it nearly impossible to get the price you want.

Last, but not least, many people see “For Sale by Owner” signs as a warning that there is something seriously wrong with the house. This isn’t necessarily true, but this seems to be the overwhelming idea most buyers have.